GPS Files, Cue Sheets and Race Info!

It might be raining in the cities, but it is beautiful up here.  I just ran the entire course, and it is wonderfully tacky.

Here is all the info for the Hungry Bear 100 and 60. These are links to all the Cue sheets, GPS files in three formats, and the waiver.

We will also be providing the Cue sheets and waivers at registration, so you do not need to print these out. These are only if you want to do it ahead of time

Hungry Bear 60 Cue Sheet:

Hungry Bear 100 Cue Sheet:


Hungry Bear 60 GPS Files (three different files, GPX, KML and CRS formats)

Hungry Bear 100 GPS Files (three different files, GPX, KML and CRS formats)

The Rivers Eatery has been amazing to us, letting us host the post-race activities from there.  But even better yet, they will be open, and have things for you in the morning!!!  Here are the details from them.

The weather looks great for the Hungry Bear 100 Gravel Ride.  Some badly needed rain should just smooth things out a bit.  Stop by for a stone-oven pizza and a microbrew on Friday night until 9.  On Saturday we will be open at 6:45 before the race for those that need a space to change, fill water bottles, use the restroom, hangout, sip a coffee, check the internet or grab a bite to eat.  The start is a stone’s throw away.  We will have limited number of breakfast sandwiches, fruit parfaits, hot cereal, juices and energy items. 
Oh!!  We have one request.  Before you leave for the ride, follow the parking instructions given to you.  Do not leave your car on Kavanaugh Road.  Other businesses need the access for their customers.  Thank you.  See you soon.   

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