The Last Update Before The Race – And Answers to Questions



Less than a week away, and we are riding the great gravel of the northwoods!

The course is pretty much set, although there will be one more drive-through the day before the event to insure that the roads good.  The above map shows the general idea of the course, but is not guaranteed to be the exact course, it can always change.

We have been getting a lot of questions in this week, so here are some FAQs:

Will there be any water on the course? The Hungry Bear 100 is a self-supported event, and we recommend that you start the race with all the food, water and equipment that you will need to complete the event. The course will pass near Lakewoods, the town of Drummond, and the town of Delta, but there is no guarantee that anything will be open, on, or available to racers at any of these places.

What are the starting times? Registration starts at 7am, the Hungry Bear 100 starts at 8am, and the 60 rolls out at 9am. Both races have a gentle roll out of town heading south on Randysek road.

How do I get my number plate and cue sheet? Starting at 7am on Saturday morning, you can find us by the Cable school, where you can sign the waiver and receive your number plate and cue sheets. There is no registration Friday night.

Will there be GPS and Cue sheets? Due to popular demand, a GPX file will be posted to the web by 6pm Friday evening for download. However, we recommend using the cue sheets, and every racer will be given them. We do not recommend going out and relying on something with batteries.

What does the 60 mile course look like? The 60 mile course will start and end in the same place as the 100 course, in downtown Cable.  It looks just like the 100 course shown above, except with one lobe cut off.

What else should I know? The Hungry Bear is run on entirely open, public roads. There can and will be cars and other road users out there, and you must be aware of this at all times.  Wearing a CPSC approved helmet, and following all road laws is required. The course crosses major highways 6 times, and great care should be taken when crossing.

What should I do after the race? Join us at the Rivers Eatery for beer, pizza, some swag prizes from Twin Six, and the winning hugs for the top finishers.



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